Summer in the city: everything you need for a complete urban summer look

Summer fasion

Since summer just started, high temperatures could be expected every day. Of course, we cannot spend all the warm days in our bathing suits on the beach; we also need some comfortable clothes for hot days in the city.

However, choosing the right pieces for the in-town stay is considered a rather difficult task because we must take into account the heat and the fact that we should stay elegant throughout the day.

Fortunately for us, some items will make our lives easier, and some of them can be found in new summer collections by big brands. Discover them below!

· Midi dresses

Midi dresses are practical, comfortable, and absolutely flattering. There’s no more ideal and safer choice for every woman than a modern midi dress. Midi dresses are indeed present in our closets all year long, but we can all agree that summer gives us the opportunity to choose bright colors and different patterns. Intense shades are considered mandatory for this summer season.

One of the best things about midi dresses is that all types of shoes go well with them, from flip flops to high heel sandals. By adding gold jewelry to it, the outfit will look much better.

Our top choice is Isabel Marant Albi abstract-print midi dress which looks adorable. You will be able to find it in the women section on our website.

Isabe Marant

· Greek lace-up sandals

Intricately woven sandals with straps have taken a prominent place in this year’s spring/summer collections.

However, these sandals can hardly be called a trend for one season. Namely, “Gladiator” sandals have been a huge trend back in the late 90s and early 2000s. And, although the style of these sandals has undergone significant changes over time, classic Greek sandals simply have to appear in the wardrobe of every modern girl. Flat, neutral colors with stripes that reach to the calf- all of these are essential elements of a perfect summer pair of sandals.

Logically speaking, sandals with straps with a dash of Ancient Greece’s aesthetic are loved by many designers (Dior’s newest fashion show is just a confirmation of that). You can feel like a goddess wearing summer sandals, and a midi dress, or a long modern tunic.

· Big bags

Is there a woman who can resist the charms of an oversized bag? We certainly cannot. Whether you decide to have a picnic throughout the day or complete your office look, a nice oversized bag will be just the right thing to keep your outfit elegant enough. Raffia model bags are an ideal choice for summer days, but all oversized bags will certainly be helpful.

Find a design that suits you at our accessories page.

Rafia bag

· Blazers

When we talk about jackets during the summer, we don’t think of jackets that we used to wear during cold months. Oversized models, linen fabrics, and bright colors are elements that should be dominating. You can wear blazers individually, together with a bra, bralette, and a pair of trousers. On the other hand, you can also choose to wear blazers as a suit with appropriate trousers or a skirt, if you are aiming for a more office look.


· Denim jackets

And, if blazers are not your cup of tea, denim jackets will certainly serve the purpose. This piece of clothing is the top choice for when summer days are chilly.

Denim jackets first come to our minds when we talk about summer clothes, besides dresses, of course. Classic, timeless, and comfortable, they go with any type of outfit and are perfect for all occasions. It doesn’t matter how many seasons have passed- denim jackets will always be a piece of clothing that we adore and need the most.

The best thing about denim jackets is they go with anything. Pair them with a nice light-blue pair of jeans to get a full denim look. But, if it’s too hot for jeans, Bermuda shorts will be a perfect choice.

denim jacket

· Don’t forget accessories!

Every summer season brings its trendy accessories with it. This year’s ultimate choice is gold jewelry.

Gold earrings, necklaces, and even bracelets should be your top choice when it comes to completing a full to-town look. Besides making you look professional and prestigious, gold jewelry brings out luxury. There’s no doubt that it will point out all of your important parts and make you feel like a true queen!

Our store can offer you a lot of luxurious gold jewelry. Our top choice would probably be the Pomellato rose quartz ring with a big pink stone and a bunch of little diamonds. This 18kt golden ring combined with Yvonne Leon Paris earrings is a perfect combination that will point out your femininity.

women accessories

· Final thoughts

These trends will certainly be seen everywhere during the summer that is ahead of us. Do not forget to add accessories, or make the outfits completely yours by showing off your own style!

Nothing matters more than feeling comfortable in the clothes you are wearing, so choose comfort rather than trends. Of course, also make sure to wear appropriate shoes if you plan on spending your whole day in the city. Walking on hot concrete during the day can be exhausting, so make sure that your shoes are comfortable as well!

Now go ahead and have your hot girl summer!

Find out how to look stylish during the day in a crowded city in the summer.

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