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The Philippines is a tropical country in the western Pacific Ocean and comprises 7,107 of the most beautiful islands in the world. With stunning natural scenery- lush greenery, clear blue skies, underground caves, and a dazzling coastline- as well as active volcanoes, a visit to the Philippines is always worth it.

It is a country full of tradition and culture. There are more than 170 unique and different dialects spoken in the Philippines. However, most people speak fluent English, but the National language is Tagalog (Filipino).

The Philippines is also the world’s 73rd largest country by surface area, but with a population of 108 million people, it is Asia’s seventh most populous country and the world’s 12th most populous. 

Best time to visit

The Philippines lies near the equator on the Pacific Ring of Fire, also known as the typhoon belt. So, the best time to visit the Philippines is between March through May. Summers are always the best. There will be less rain, and the heat in the Philippines is bearable. However, expect some humidity. 

From December and February, temperatures are cooler. However, the rains can cause delays for airlines, cars, and boats, and there is a possibility of cyclones.

Things to do

In the Philippines, there are many fun activities to do. The Philippines is part of the Coral Triangle, a biodiverse maritime region with over 600 coral species, 2,000 reef fish species, and six sea turtle species. It’s no surprise that it’s ideal to go for a swim. Maybe go snorkeling and scuba diving to see the incredible diversity of aquatic life.

There are snorkel safari vacations and dedicated itineraries that take you out on the water every day. Nightlife in the Philippines is also very fun. Filipinos love to go clubbing, singing karaoke with friends, going on road trips, and chilling by the mountains. Filipinos are very friendly and love to get to know tourists all over the world!

Must visit cities in the Philippines

• Manila

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Manila is dubbed the “Pearl of the Orient,” is the country’s capital. There’s plenty to see and do in this lively modern city, including museums, parks, theaters, shopping complexes, and a profusion of eateries. The Philippines is gradually gaining popularity as a gastronomic destination. Manila is also famed for its diverse cuisine and street food markets, such as the Legazpi Sunday Market, Quiapo Market, and Binondo- the country’s own Chinatown. 

• Cebu

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Cebu City, with its perfect blend of island shoreline and metropolitan living. It is one of the Philippines’ most popular tourist attractions for both foreign and domestic visitors. It is also the country’s oldest city and one of the country’s Christian birthplaces. Tourists may swim with many of the Philippines’ aquatic species through diving or try more thrilling activities like canyoneering at Kawasan Falls, all of which are just outside the city’s borders. 

• Vigan 

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Vigan is located on the western coast of the island of Luzon, near Manila. When you visit Vigan, your time travel dates back to the Philippines’ Spanish colonial era. With cobblestone lanes and unusual buildings exhibiting a blend of Asian and European design, Vigan is one picturesque city!

• Siquijor 

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Siquijor is an adventure dive into urban life! You will never feel so free when you stop by waterfalls, swimming holes, and white sand beaches. Go cliff leaping in the crystal-clear water or trek through the mountains!

You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about the Philippines’ past on this island by visiting many Spanish-influenced structures, including St Francis de Assisi Church and St. Isidore de Labrador Church. 

• Siargao 


Siargao is a dream-come-true island located 800 kilometers south of Manilla on the northeastern corner of Mindanao. 

When you come to visit, you have a few alternatives for where to stay. General Luna Beach is the most preferred choice. This bustling tiny island town is bustling with restaurants, resorts, stores, and people, but it retains its small-town charm. 

Exotic animals, mangrove forest reserves, captivating lagoons, and, of course, exquisite white sand beaches abound on this island. However, there is another factor that attracts visitors to Siargao: surfing. Great waves, surges, and shops attract surfers who were fortunate enough to discover this hidden gem!

Best Filipino delicacies to bring back home from the Philippines:

• Dried Mangoes

• Chicharon

• Danggit

• Piaya

• Kapeng Barako (Batangas Coffee)

• Ube jam

• Tables (Philippine chocolate)

Best Filipino souvenirs to bring back home from the Philippines:

• Native bags

• Patterned mats

• Native-made home décor

• Barong Tagalog

• Filipiñana Dress

• Philippine Pearls

What to eat (street food gastronomy)

If you’re planning a trip to the Philippines and want to know what to eat, do not fret! The Philippines is one of the most exciting destinations in the world for street cuisine, and here are some to try:

• Balut 


Balut reigns supreme among Filipino street foods. If you meet a local, they will almost certainly ask if you’ve tried balut. Most Western Europeans find these up to 21-day-old fertilized duck eggs repulsive, and the locals enjoy challenging tourists to eat them. The hairy duck fetus is practically visible inside the egg. It isn’t suitable for everyone. However, if you’re daring, it’s pretty delicious!

• Fish Ball and Squid Ball 

Fish Ball

This is a Filipino street food classic. Fishball and squid balls are deep-fried and served on skewers. This may look familiar, especially in other Asian cuisines, particularly in Hong Kong. These balls are best for dipping with the sauce contributes much to the overall flavor. Sweet, sweet & spicy, and vinegar combination sauces are available, usually with minced onion, pepper, and other spices. A yummy snack!

• Turon 


Turon is bananas-wrapped spring rolls, rolled in brown sugar, occasionally with a strip of jackfruit and deep-fried in vegetable oil. They’re very tasty. 

• Chicharon 


Chicharon is crispy pork rinds that are finest served dipped in coconut vinegar and topped with smashed fresh garlic. These are frequently seen during a Filipino drinking session, or ‘tagay,’ as the natives refer to it. They’re fantastic Filipino treats.

Last Words

There are many places and foods to eat in the Philippines. As well as things to do and see. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to pack your bags, book a ticket and see what the Philippines has to offer!

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